6.8 Western – 162 Grain Extreme Point – Winchester Copper Impact – 20 Rounds

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Why hunt with copper bullets? They’re far from useful only for avoiding fines in certain eco-conscious jurisdictions. Copper’s nontoxicity keeps your game’s meat better for eating at the dinner table. It also keeps your barrel’s rifling cleaner while you’re out in the wild, and the metal’s extreme toughness ensures it will retain all the weight it needs to carve a deep, deadly wound channel into your quarry.

This 6.8 Western cartridge hasn’t got just any copper bullet, either. Its 162 grain Extreme Point features a much larger than average polymer tip. This tip’s very broad base initiates exceptionally fast and wide expansion as it rams into the bullet’s underlying hollow point nose cavity, thus delivering exactly the kind of terminal performance that drops elk, moose, and other deer species fast and humanely.

The copper Extreme Point also enhances the accuracy that the 6.8 Western is so widely respected for. The bullet’s polymer tip serves to enhance its ballistic coefficient, as does its gracefully angled boat tail base. Winchester’s own masterful loading techniques make this ammo’s performance even more consistent, as do their sensitive primers and precision formed brass cases.

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