1 Dozen Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 with Blazer Vanes, Nock and Inserts



The Maxima Hunter® combines heritage with the added benefits that result from proprietary Dual
Spine Weight Forward® technology. The precision design delivers tighter tolerances than
traditional carbon arrows.

Dual Spine Weight Forward Proprietary fusion of different carbon materials that create 2 spines in
1 arrow to manage energy better and make arrows recover faster, spin 20% sooner, retain more
speed and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

  • colors available are 2 yellow 1 white, 2 orange one white, 2 green one white
  • 12 total arrows with inserts will cut to length if a note is included with the order inserts will come included but uninstalled
  • we measure from the groove in the nock where the string contacts to the end of the shaft the arrow measures 32.75″ full length
  • we will leave uncut if no note is included

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